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Top 10 List of The Best Fidget Spinner Toys

The Best fidget spinner toys with their recent explosion into the limelight have created a surge of awareness around fidget toys which is to be excepted. It’s no surprise that the best fidget spinner would be one of the more popular gadgets to gain some tractions among the internet.

Boasting a relief to people suffering from stress and anxiety these tools are sure to attract attention. People whom also experience symptoms that are related to autism, ADD and ADHD to name a few and including general bad habits they wish to ‘kick’.

Fidget spinners and similar gadgets are able to provide someone with an outlet to release energy via sensory and motor stimulation.

top 10 best fidget spinner toys 


Top 10 Best Fidget Spinner Toys Comparison Table

We have included a quick comparison table of the best fidget spinner toys so that you can see the important information in a more digestible way without all of the bloat.

NameSpin TimeWeight 
TOP PICK  TI-EDC Fidget Spinner Toy Made of Titanium2-3 Mins1 ozCheck Price
VALUE PICK TYZEST Spinner Fidget3-8 Mins2.4 ozCheck Price
WeFidget's Premium Fidget Spinners2-4 MinsUnlistedCheck Price
Fidget Spinner EDC Hand Spinner1-5 Mins0.9 ozCheck Price
Hompie 360 Degree Rotation FIDGET Tri Spinner1-2 Mins2.4 ozCheck Price
Triune Spinner by Pocket Fidget1-3 Mins3.8 ozCheck Price
Fidget Spinner BOKATE Aluminum3-5 MinsUnlistedCheck Price
Visionland Spinner Fidget1-5 Mins4.8 ozCheck Price
Fidget Spinner PRIME by Atom1-3 Mins 4 ozCheck Price
SNP GEARS Tri Fidget Spinner1-3 Mins2.1 ozCheck Price

A fidget spinner is what is known as a relatively small, often pocket-sized gadget that is capable of being taken anywhere to provide instant relief. These spinners often come in an assortment of sizes and types with various color options being available for most models. You’ll often find the best fidget spinner toys are constructed from moderns materials such as ABS plastic which provides a strong build quality and durability. Other spinners are also manufactured via the use of 3d printing technologies with a selection of different types of bearings which allow them to spin.

Our Best Fidget Spinner Toys Reviews

These reviews for our selection of the best fidget spinners are centred around their products descriptions and analysis of the best fidget spinner toys themselves.

TI-EDC Fidget Spinner Toy Made of Titanium


Check for Best Price


The TI-EDC fidget spinner is our top pick, the spinner doesn’t compromise on quality, it doesn’t use 3d print and is in fact made from quality CNC milled titanium which is non-toxic, corrosion resistance and extremely durable.

The button is made out of high-quality brass and is concaved for top comfort.The spinner is perfect for anxiety, ADHD, autism and quitting bad habits, overall the perfect gadget to keep your hand busy. it is also silent so you won’t be bothering anybody either. Titanium was chosen as it is a lightweight material and still strong, it has the highest strength to density ratio of any other metallic element and it weighs in at almost the same weight as aluminum but the difference is that titanium is stronger.

It was also chosen for its corrosion resistance from things like sea water, aqua regia and chlorine and of course the fact that its non-toxic, non-allegenic and perfectly comfortable to use, lastly its very durable, more so than gold and the metal has also become a popular choice for jewellery crafting. Certainly deserving of the number one spot on out best fidget spinner toys list.


  • Quality
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Durable

  • Very Small
  • Slight wobble
  • Too Light?

TYZEST Spinner Fidget


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Our best fidget spinner value pick is none other than the TYZEST spinner, boasting lengthy spin times, high quality materials and great durability. Made from a high quality red copper material which is CNC milled and had a good hardness ratio and it also comes with high performance ceramic bearings.

This fidget spinner is designed with people who suffer from ADHD, autism and other disorders in mind, designed to keep your hands busy or simply to enjoy the fun it can provide. It is very small and can be taken anywhere as it fits snug into your pocket.With the fidget spinner being made from a red 100% copper material this means the texture is that of a smooth metal; naturally, it spins bets on a flat level surface, changing the angle of the spin with of course also change the spinning time.

The weight is acceptable, if dropped onto tiles I would wager it could crack a tile so be careful, the noise level is acceptable there is a very slight squeal from the metal on metal friction from the spinning buts its very discreet.


  • Small
  • Long Spins
  • Durable

  • Squeal
  • Inconsistent spins
  • Wobble

WeFidget’s Premium Fidget Spinners


Check for Best Price

While not the top or value pick on our best fidget spinner list, Its a fidget spinner toy made for fidgeters by fidgeters supposedly, designed to allow table top spinning as well hand the conversion in hand spinning, comprised of premium ball bearings for a smooth rotation and long spin time.

Intended to feel satisfying and help relieve stress, anxiety, ADHD and autism to help promote improved focus.The finger buttons (I believe they are referring to the caps) are removable and are designed for finger comfort and optimal spinning. Devoted to their customers the provides 100% satisfaction via offering customer services should something go wrong they are on hand to provide a fix to you fidget toy.

While they promote their product it does have a slight issue, its slow down rather quickly, it’s still capable of reaching over 2 minutes of spin, but after that they slow down is noticeable, furtehr more reviews are report vastly varying spin times.


  • Strong
  • Customer support
  • Smooth

  • Quick slow down
  • Varying spin times
  • Heavy

Fidget Spinner EDC Hand Spinner


Check for Best Price

Another metal fidget spinner made of a premium aluminium alloy material which is able to provide high hardness, shock proofing and is more durable than other metals. The bearings extremely fast and smooth providing a spin time of up to 5 minutes so it claims in your hand or on table top.

The bearing is made of a brass material and is also removable allowing for you to be able to maintain it and the size of the spinner is small enough for you to carry it around in your pocket should you need to.

The design is ADHD focused, proving to be beneficial for focus, overcoming anxiety, helping autism and breaking the much displeasing bad habits.

They offer a money back service, warranty and an easy to reach and help customer services should you need to contact the with help in regards to the spinner.


  • Table spinable
  • Smooth spinning
  • Warranty

  • Too light
  • Off balance
  • Wobble

Hompie 360 Degree Rotation FIDGET Tri Spinner


Check for Best Price

The Hompie 360  also make our best fidget spinner list, as it claims to have a spin time of up to two minutes and is not 3d printed, its material is  made from an ABS material which is likely injection molded in the manufacturing process. The bearing is a ceramic make from SLA technology and laser industrial molding technology, also with the high quality bearing the spin is relatively discreet.

The spinner is intended for fidgety hands and of course should be able to benefit people that suffer from ADD, ADHD and autism, promoted to relieve stress and help cope with anxiety, and help enabled the user to focus and remain calm.Its size is of a good standard allowing you to pocket it should you wish to take it out on your day to day happenings.

They also claim to have some form of support while not officially stated, they do say should you have a problem let them know and they will do everything they can to fix the issue you present them with in regards to your spinner.


  • Strong
  • Smooth
  • Durable

  • Some reviewers unhappy with quality
  • Noisy
  • Rotation times vary

Triune Spinner by Pocket Fidget


Check for Best Price

Pocket fidget has created a fidget spinner toy that does not compromise on any front, truly a very well made gadget, with over two minutes of spinning, built with a ceramic core bearing which provides a smooth and fast spin which will certainly impress you and your friends, due to the ceramic high-performance bearing it is also a very quite spin so you won’t need to worry about disturbing others, spin merrily away.

The material is made from injection molded ABS plastic which will not break when dropped, which is sort of important (sarcasm), as opposed to 3d printed alternatives which can be brittle. the caps that house the bearings are removable for maintenance.The spinner is, of course, a perfect size for a pocket and so can be part of your everyday routine if you require it, the gadget also fits nicely in the hand, from kids to adults each will certainly enjoy the comfort of the dimpled center cap and its compact size.

Promoting increased focus for individuals suffering from ADHD, ADD, Anxiety and autism, the smooth rounded edges are perfectly ideal for one-handed operation using your fingers to spin while you focus on something else.


  • High quality
  • Quiet

  • Two reports of a crack on dropping/delivery
  • Low spin time

Fidget Spinner BOKATE Aluminum


Check for Best Price

A fidget spinner created by Bokate also make our best fidget spinner list, in the manufacturing they opted to go with metal as their choice of material being an aluminium alloy to provide a strong build durability looking to last the test of time.

The fidget toy comes with a high quality ceramic bearing which provides you with very fast spin times, the cap that covers the bearing is a concaved design allowing for comfort when operating the toy, with this high quality of a bearing you technically should be able to spin it with one hand or even on the tip of your finger so certainly give it a go.

Its small size will allow you to fit it into your pocket nice and snug and also feel great in your hand, due to the aluminum material that they chose to use for the build, it helps to prefer the spinner’s structure from deforming due to its high-strength.

Designed with ADD, ADHD, Autism and anxiety sufferers in mind. The smooth and continuous spinning helps creates a calming feeling and enable the individual to easily focus on something else.


  • Strong material
  • Good Spin time

  • Almost but not quite silent
  • heavier than most

Visionland Spinner Fidget


Check for Best Price

Visonland’s Fidget spinner advertised as being ‘ultra durable’ likely the source of that claim is their build material which is no really stated, the spinner has a higher hardness, is supposedly shockproof and is more durable than most I assume. Developed via CNC technology cuts rounded corners so that there are no sharp edges, prevent you from any wounded from the spinner.

On average the spinner is reported to have a spin time of anywhere from 1 to a maximum of 5 minutes, both in your hand or also on a table top and this is based on what the power of your spin is, naturally the hard the spin the longer it’s spin should last and with its high stability you can also spin it on a pen if you’re feeling confident enough.

The spinner is small enough to fit into your pocket, so you can carry it anywhere you’d like and the gadget is idea for children and adults alike, ideal for people that suffer from anxiety, autism and should be able to help people kick their bad habits should they have the will power to give it a shot.


  • High stability
  • Smooth spinning

  • Small center bearing
  • Reports of issues

Fidget Spinner PRIME by Atom


Check for Best Price

Another one of  our picks for the best fidget spinner toys is Atom Tech’s prime fidget spinner, it’s capable of high spin times, made of high quality materials and promotes anti-stress and is ideal for fidgeters and people that suffer from disorder such as ADD, ADHD, autism and anxiety.

The material is a not 3d printed and high-quality ABS plastic likely inject molded like most other spinners, this results in a higher quality finish with more strength, with the ability to provide the spinner with the much-needed durability and strength allowing for a longer service life. The bearing is a Si3N4 bearing with ceramic ball-bearings which is capable of providing smooth and fast rotations while also remaining quiet and discreet.

With its small size, you are able to pocket the spinner and take it on your way, hold it in one hand and spin the toy rapidly and use small continuous strikes to keep its momentum going when it begins to slow.

They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, they provide a premium support service and also a money back guarantee should you not be happy with your perchance they will refund you your money upon its returns I would imagine.


  • Customer commitment
  • High quality

  • Cap can come off in pocket
  • Could have been designed better

SNP GEARS Tri Fidget Spinner Toy


Check for Best Price

This fidget spinner boasts high performance, high spin times and great build quality. The spinner created by SNP Gears is made of a strong material providing you with a spinner that will be able to take punishment and still deliver satisfaction, aimed to provides ADHD, ADD and autism suffers beneficial relief and also enable people to break bad habits.

The spinner uses a high-performance hybrid ceramic bearing, this is changeable and their counterweight bearings provide a higher weight for better spin times for the inertia from its own weight, the spinners frame should be able to fit nearly all types of 608 bearings.

They designed the toy to be a satisfying experience no matter who uses it, with the high-quality silicon nitride premium ceramic bearings providing a smooth and long spin time allowing you to go on about your task, its size is small enough to fit comfortably is your hand with removable caps/finger buttons intended for maximum comfort and optimal spinning.

The small size also mean you can easily fit it nicely into your pocket and take it with you where ever you go should you need to use it throughout your day where every you are.


  • Smooth Spin
  • Durable

  • Not well balanced
  • wobble


Different Types of Fidget Spinners

The best fidget spinner toys aren’t tied to one model, you’ll often find a wide array of varying models and designs ranging from different price points to meter your budget, and meet your needs from breaking habits or just generally aimed to have fun.

The Two Prong Fidget Spinner

A two-pronged fidget spinner is often a very simplistic and basic gadget, the compact size proved to be a perfect entry device for people that suffer from ADHD additionally this is great for anyone who is looking into learning about fidget toys. These spinners are designed to be taken anywhere and usually are small enough that they can fit in your pocket.

Two prong fidget spinner toys are often made from cheaper material than that of the latter on this list and are largely made from 3d printed technologies, that’s not to say you can’t find more durable versions, it’s just that there are less of them than the rest.The bearing that you’d find on these fidget spinners which make them spin are often of a high quality, often they will be inside of a plastic or wood casing enabling them to be spun in both directions.

The Three Prong Fidget Spinner

In addition to the two-pronged version fidget spinner toys, the three-pronged version is certainly an upgrade from the two, this three-pronged spinner boasts a new slew of opportunity for example in the way it can be used and in the quality and durability of its build.
From what we have found it seemed that adults who suffer from ADHD often seem to be more akin to this version of the spinner which allows for a feeling of motion that feels as so it will not end.

The conclusion to this being that the spinner helped them to easily relax and maintain their concentration and focus. This spinner is a step up over medications when many often have side effects, especially if the spinner does help in some way.

The Four Prong Fidget Spinner

Finally, the four-pronged fidget spinner is the epitome of the spinners if you will, offering a more diverse way to operate the spinner. naturally you’d expect the quality of this spinner to be exceptional with the improvement often the previous versions, however, this will depend entirely on the materials which were used to manufacture the best fidget spinner, we’ve encountered ones made from ABS plastic and rubber type of materials which should provide good lifespan and durability.

In addition to the materials, the bearings often are of a higher quality which would allow for extended spin times and this spinner is often a choice for suffers from severe ADD.

DIY Fidget Spinner Toys

These DIY spinners are an option for those who a crafty nature, or simply for those with and a tight budget. Many people have created their own DIY fidget spinners, often you’ll find that these are created from wood, plastic or other common materials. One thing that is interesting is that while DIY fidget spinners are simple in nature, they are in fact just as complex as commercially manufactured ones as they operate the same way and use the same if not similar components.


Why do we Need Fidget Spinner Toys

Most commonly fidget spinner toys are used to help relax and stimulate, however, some people use the to break bad habits and others simply use the for the goal of improved focus.

The Workplace ADD or ADHD

People that are suffering from these disorders are increasingly using these tools to assist with their relief. People who are suffering from these disorders tend to find it difficult to focus solely on completing one task at a time. This issue of not being and to stay on task presents a serious problem in day-to-day life, such as meeting deadlines, missing appointments and poor performance as a result.

The ability of multitasking is beneficial to people that suffer from ADD or ADHD, they find that utilizing a sensory and /or a motor stimulant such as a fidget spinner provides them with the right balance of activity which enables them to be able to hone in and focus on their initial task.


Someone who suffers from autism can at any time find themselves overwhelmed at any instance. As a result, they will often experience major sensory overload which results in a lot of stress for them and also people around them. These individuals generally tend to fidget commonly this is seen as a coping mechanism.

When in uncomfortable or familiar situations it has been documented that a fidget spinner is actually able to provide them with a calming effect. As mentioned since their coping mechanism would be them fidgeting anyway, the best fidget spinner acts as a substitute providing the continuous motion as an alternative to them exerting physical movement of their own. Basically, this is helping to mitigate or at least provide and avoidance to these situations.

Anxiety and Workplace Related Stress

From an early age, you are brought up to believe that fidgets are undesirable and a nuisance to other people around you and label as a bad habit. Today the act of fidgeting and the use of fidget spinners and other stimulation toys are becoming more so considered as remedies for multiple issues and disorders.

Studies and research as proven that is many situations fidgeting with something can act as a de-stressing or anti-anxiety tool. These toys and others like them are capable of proving immediate relief and comfort.

Fidget spinner toys are beneficial to people whom often find that the suffer from mild or occasional anxiety attacks, this is not to be mistaken for a cure as they are intended to be used as a tool to help mitigate and manage the issue.

Bad Habits

Even if you don’t necessarily have a discord, we all have habits, sometimes they are certainly something we wish we didn’t have. Some of the best fidget spinners provide an avenue for us to overcome or manage our bad habits working towards stopping them.

Similarly to how people with disorders benefit from them, the same processes and benefits apply to habits, the calming effects, and the stimulation provided helps with the habit that is trying to be broken and many have successfully overcome their habits already with the help of these fidget toys.


What to Look Out For in a Fidget Spinner

With so many brands and companies manufacturing some of the best fidget spinner toys, it is understandable to become a little overwhelmed by choice.
Just as there are many versions of fidget spinners there are equally just as many vendors for acquiring them too. These different vendors all offer a varying degree of quality and budgets and models of fidgets spinners like we’ve discussed above.

It’s important that you know what to look for when searching and that you take your time to make the right decision in finding what’s right for you to make sure you get both value for money and a lasting experience.


You’ll notice in my reviews that the companies we come across who manufacture these fidget spinners use an array of different materials and technologies to craft the best fidget spinner. Two of the most commonly used are 3d printed and also injection molding, many spinners are made from ABS plastic as this is capable of providing excellent resilience and durability.

ABS plastic often will come in rolls of varying colors, these are loaded into 3d printers which then will produce the best fidget spinner from whichever digitally designed creation they decide to choose.


Many if not all of the best fidget spinners you’re going to come across will come with a standard bearing, which often is similar to if not the same as the bearings you will find in the trucks of a skateboard or a roller blade.

Many manufacturers of high-quality best fidget spinner toys use high-quality bearings, its often recommended that you have a ceramic bearing for the core of the spinner as this will provide the spinner with very smooth rotation and nice and lengthy spin times.

A whole host of people over the world has already found that fidget spinners have helped them to break their habits which annoy them and sometimes also other people. Individuals suffering from the disorders such as autism, ADD and ADHD as mentioned above have seen the benefits that the fidget spinners can provide them via the effects we’ve talked above previously.

Whether you decide to go with a premade fidget spinner or if you decide to try your hand at a DIY project, certainly do not delay and start reaping the rewards that such a small and simple gadget and provide you with.

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