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Top 10 List of The Best Fidget Cube Reviews

Some of the best fidget cube toys are showing up in our daily lives with people using them for various reasons. Fidgeting is often remarked by those who do not know better as an unintellectual and a highly unprofessional behavior.  Why we fidget was best explained by Roland Rotz and Sarah D. Wright, authors of Fidget to Focus – “If something we are engaged in is not interesting enough to sustain our focus, the additional sensory-motor input that is mildly stimulating, interesting or entertaining allows our brains to become fully engaged and allows us to sustain focus on the primary activity in which we are participating.”

Almost everybody fidgets.  It just so happens that it’s more obvious for some.  Good thing there are now toys that suit fidgeters of all sorts.  A fidget toy is a highly addicting and engaging item designed to keep hands occupied.  These kinds of toys help someone who fidgets, relax or focus.

best fidget cube toys
Each side of the fidget cube has a different feature one can play with, anytime and anywhere he or she pleases.  One can do either of these things with this toy – click, glide, flip, breathe, roll or spin.  So you have a better idea of what fidget cubes are like, here are some of the best cubes we have found online.

Top 10 Best Fidget Cube Toys Comparison Table

We have comprised a comprehensive comparison table with a selection of 10 fidget cubes which we think are the best for you to review and compare against one another, without the bloat of lengthy descriptions in a more consumable way.

TOP PICK  Fidget Dodecagon
12 Different FeaturesCheck Price
VALUE PICK KCHKUI Fidget CubeHas clickers, and silenced buttons.Check Price
Focus CubeCamo colo.
Silenced features.
Check Price
LEDeng Fidget CubeHeavier due to a larger steel ball.Check Price
Fidget Dice6 Sided.
Varied functions.
Check Price
LEDeng Fidget Toys CubeHigh-quality materials.
Lifetime warranty.
Check Price
Ratoop Fidget CubeSwitches and glides.
Sinners clicker and roller.
Check Price
Fidget Dice (Green)Worry stone, up and down buttons.
Minions, rope and more.
Check Price
KCHKUI Fidget CubeUnique design.
3 clickers.
2 silent buttons.
Check Price
Fidget Toys CubeCarry case.
2 silent buttons.
3 clicker buttons.
Check Price

Our Best Fidget Cube Toys Reviews

Additionally, in case our best fidget cube comparison table wasn’t enough, we’ve added more detail on each cube below outlying their features and any important information which you might like to know about.

Fidget Dodecagon


Check for Best Price

This fidget toy is specifically designed to help both adults and children focus and improve their cognitive performance.

  • Has twice as many features as the standard fidget cube
  • Comes in a fun green color, which kids and adults alike will find very attractive
  • Easy-to-hold despite being 12-sided
  • 12 Features: Gear, Rotating Disk, Buttons, Silicone Ball, Switch, Joystick, Silicone Rope, Soft Button, Finger Massage, Worry Stone, Sliders, Minions

KCHKUI Fidget Cube


Check for Best Price

Made of high-quality plastic, with upgrades that make it more comfortable to use.

  • Fidget toy comes with a case.
  • Contains 3 clicker buttons and 2 silenced buttons, designed to satisfy each fidgeter’s preference.
  • Be cautious of fake sellers who offer this at a lower price but of poorer quality and longer delivery period.
  • Original toy should have these qualities: Gear rolls smoothly and silently, switch can be pressed easily, worry stone is placed deeper, all sides are fitted seamlessly, comes with a delicate leather case to keep toy safe.

Focus Cube


Check for Best Price

Strong, durable and meets all toy safety standards

  • Made with high-quality plastic
  • Looks fierce and unique in camo colour
  • Has silent features which makes it perfect for use in the workplace or in school
  • Similar or better quality compared to leading manufacturers

LEDeng Fidget Cube


Check for Best Price

For those who prefer a matte, almost velvety texture,

  • Comes with a practical packaging that keeps the toy safe during shipment.
  • A bit heavy due to a larger steel ball
  • Recommended age for users: 36 months to 20 years
  • Works fine for kids but maybe a bit bulky for their little hands

Fidget Dice


Check for Best Price

Comes with a wrist strap which is perfect for kids who are prone to losing stuff

  • An anti-anxiety and depression cube for children and adults
  • 12-sided toy that keeps fingers and minds occupied
  • Features: Gear, Rotating Disk, Button, Silicone Ball, Rocker, Switch, Silicone Rope, Soft Button, Soft Silicone, Worry Stone, Upper and Down buttons, Minions
  • Good for someone working on his / her motor skills

LEDeng Fidget Toys Cube


Check for Best Price

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Lifetime warranty, Can get replacement or full refund if any problem arises
  • Toy comes with a box which keeps toy safe for shipping.
  • Recommended age for users: 8 years and up

Ratoop Fidget Cube


Check for Best Price

  • Vigorously tested by the team behind it
  • Allows 100% refund if unhappy with purchase.
  • Features: Switch, Glide, Spin, Click, Roll, Breathe
  • Premium product that is made of high-quality plastic

Fidget Dice (Green)


Check for Best Price

  • Features: Gear, Rotating Disk, Button, Silicone Ball, Rocker, Switch, Silicone Rope, Soft Button, Soft Silicone, Worry Stone, Upper and Down buttons, Minions
  • No risk guarantee, 24/7 considerate customer service
  • Also available in black and white
  • A unique and a very entertaining gift for friends who can not keep their hands still

KCHKUI Fidget Cube


Check for Best Price

  • A dreamy toy because of its beautiful starry sky design
  • Guaranteed high-quality materials
  • Shipped with a case
  • Has 3 clicker buttons and 2 silent buttons

Fidget Toys Cube


Check for Best Price

  • Toy comes with a bonus case.
  • 3 clicker buttons and 2 silent buttons
  • Relieves stress, anxiety and boredom for adults and children alike.
  • An easy-to-carry entertainment for all ages


Different Types of Fidget Cubes

Some of the best fidget cube toys now has several different mechanisms.  But the most common features are those that aid in relieving urges to click (comes with a choice of with sound or without), urge to play with a joystick, urge to flip a switch, urge to rub something, urge to roll a gear and urge to spin.

6 Sided Fidget Cube

For the clickers among us, this cube has 3 clicker buttons and 2 silenced buttons for when one prefers noiseless clicking.  You may now get rid of the habit of endless clicking of the pen that seems to annoy those within hearing distance.

One side features a joystick that is a highly satisfying mechanism even for non-gamers.

One could argue that the six-sided cube is one of the best fidget cube toys as it features a flip side.  Whether you want a noiseless or audible clicking would depend on how gentle or quick you flip.

One of the features is inspired by the traditional worry stone which is used for relaxation or anxiety relief.

There is also a side that features gears and ball for when you prefer rolling movements.  The ball works two ways, as it also has a click feature.

The Dial side, meanwhile, is good for those who get so much comfort from spinning something.

12 Sided Fidget Cube

Now a 12 sided fidget cube is all the 6 sided fidget toy is, and more.  In addition to the buttons, joystick, switch, worry stone, gear and dial, it has 6 other features which will sure keep anxiety and stress away from the fidgeter.

It has a side where the Silicone Rope is attached, so you can hang the toy where you can easily spot it if ever you do not feel like pulling on it.

There also is a Soft Button which when playing with it feels so much like the classic pen-clicking.

The Silicone Ball side is soft and elastic which is perfect for when one feels like pulling or pinching.

There is also a soft surface for massaging the fingers which are said to help improve blood circulation.

One feature is called the Sliders which you can move back and forth to your heart’s (finger’s) content.

This is probably the weirdest but cutest side of the one of this best fidget cube – Minions.  This side bears cute little faces which you can pinch endlessly when you feel angry.  The best thing about it is you can feel assured that they will not get angry with you no matter how long or hard you pinch.

Which Fidget Cube Should You Choose?

Some prefer the 6 sided fidget cube as it is easier to hold especially for those with little hands.  The 12-sided cube is usually preferred by those who are bored easily and those who cannot easily decide what their hands want to do; they have to have a lot of options.  Whichever one prefers, a fidget cube is sure to have the features a fidgeter always longs for.

Why Is There A Need For Fidget Cubes?

Fidgeting is something that not everyone fully comprehends.  The act of fidgeting has been described in so many not so very nice words – unprofessional, unintellectual, obnoxious, annoying, distracting, among others.  There are some who recognize these weird actions as a nervous habit that can be stopped easily if you will yourself to stop them.  To me, there is no getting rid of them, but they can be managed.  The only way to deal with them is to deal with them.

Much thanks to the best fidget cube toys which Techcrunch described as “a brilliantly useless toy for nervous fiddling”, people with ‘unprofessional, unintellectual, obnoxious, annoying, distracting’ habits could find so many ways on discreetly dealing with them.  While there are people who have to practice yoga, listen to classical music, run miles, punch bags, swim laps when they are stressed or anxious, there are some who only want to fiddle with their hands to regain or retain focus, concentration, balance or a sense of calm.  With its many features, this toy can be a vital companion whichever kind of fidgeter you may be.

Just as there are different ways that people fidget, they also have varying reasons on why they very much need a fidget cube in their hands.  I interviewed people who say it is a huge help for when they need to think and make decisions, big or small.  It distracts their minds from being distracted and running away from them, positively resulting in them being more present in their daily lives.  It’s also known as a toy that helps raise one’s level of productivity.  Holding it in one hand might prevent you from doing things more quickly with two hands but if that thing improves your focus and concentration, it channels your energy and ideas to whatever you are working on, helping you become more productive.  Perpetually bored people may no longer need to spend so much on seeking thrilling adventures all the time.  Right at the palm of their hands is a toy that is designed to fill some of the sensations they are probably seeking.  Sure it’s not as thrilling and exciting as jumping off cliffs and swimming with the dolphins, but it is definitely satisfying and calming.  It is an efficient tool to channel that excess energy.

In the Workplace

The best fidget cube toys are able to fit an office setting perfectly, sitting almost unnoticeably in a desk.  It does not call for attention as it looks as if it is just one of the many office supplies situated over your desk.  I can think of so many instances in the office when one can use this extraordinary toy.

You probably experienced working on an important presentation and were in danger of running out of ideas because of the impending deadline slowly coming right at you.  You tell yourself to focus and concentrate but your mind has decided to take a trip somewhere else.  There are people who work best when they are nearing deadlines but there are those who gets paralyzed and incapable of completing a task.

This one, I personally hate with a vengeance – being asked to attend conference calls that feel like they are never going to end.  It drives me nuts when there are several people (with differing accents!) from different parts of the world, talking at the same time.  You probably think of me as someone who can not appreciate the wonders of technology but it’s really just so difficult for me to comprehend reactions and responses whenever they are just talking on the phone or just at computer screens.

Torn papers and bent paper clips over your work space should be a thing of the past.  It does not make you look like you are in control of things; it just makes you look like a slob.  There are already so many tools available for fidgeting but they are not necessarily appropriate for use in a professional setting.  The fidget cube is a product that does not only work great, it looks cool as well.  I have seen several colors of this toy already if you want your toy to look lively.  I still prefer my black fidget cube for my desk.  Just thinking about the toy that will get me through my next board meeting discussion (I know for a fact, it is going to be heated) calms me down.  With its many features, one will not easily tire of the toy even if the meeting goes on for hours.  One can simply rotate the device in the palm of his hands and choose the side that seems to satisfy him the most at the moment.  Not many people like drama in the workplace.  With the fidget cube being low-key, it allows fidgeters to fiddle quietly during meetings.  It’s an effective toy to boost job performance and productivity at work.

The fidget cube is apparently a great conversation starter.  Your work mates will probably ask you about the unusual-looking “office stuff” sitting in your desk.

The cube is not only for the workplace.  Those who are still in school can also benefit tremendously from it.  Whether you are seated for a long boring lecture, solving maths, writing a research paper or working with a group in the library, this toy will be a great help to your focus and productivity.

The Best Fidget Cube toys for ADHD, ADD and Autism

Fidgeting is a common symptom among children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Autism.  For children with these conditions who have not learned yet how to cope without gadgets, the fidget cube is worth trying.  The toy is said to aid by providing them a distraction or sensory stimulation. The cube having different sensory components will keep them from being bored of doing the same action.  It is important to keep their hands occupied that will distract them from reaching for some other stuff.  The fidget cube will provide them the sensory stimulation as their minds attend to the task they are given.  They are said to help children not only relax but also improve their cognitive function, focus and attention.  Toys like the fidget cubes hopefully would help them remain seated for a long period of time, without biting their fingernails or their pencils. The best fidget cube toy have mechanisms simple enough for everyone to figure out how to use but interesting enough to hook them.  Kids won’t need the supervision of adults in playing with them since they are safe for use of the little ones.

It is very important to note that fidget cubes might not work for all kids with ADHD, ADD and Autism as these children would probably respond differently to the fidget devices.  It would require a great deal of trial and error and observation to find something that will regulate their impulses and channel their energy to something productive with minimal disruption to others.    The fidget cube was initially designed for adults who can’t stop fidgeting.  It’s a wonder how they are also suitable for use of kids, fitting perfectly their small hands and helping widen their creativity and imagination.

Fidget Cube for Relieving Stress and Anxiety

There might not be conclusive studies yet on how exactly fidget toys, in general, are relieving stress and anxiety of those who use it but many have been delighted on how they now have a perfect companion during their own difficult situations.  The best fidget cube, in particular, excited many people around the world, amazed that their ‘quirky’ habits were considered and made into one enjoyable tool.  Amazing how a little toy can make one feel comfortable during tedious meetings, grueling hours stuck in traffic jams, looming deadlines, among many other stress-inducing situations.  A fidget cube in your hand aids in relieving stress by letting your hands stay busy doing simple repetitive movements which become almost subconscious eventually.  Stress and anxiety would be redirected and taken out to the fidget cube.  These minor distractions help by giving the mind a break, then making it easier for us to focus on a certain task rather than concentrating it on what’s stressing us out.  This is the same reason why physical activities are often times the best stress reliever.  According to research, as the brain takes in and processes the information that comes through these sensory movements, it uses a lot of resources which consumes what could have been dedicated to our stress and anxiety.  The fidget cube with its many mechanisms would require a lot of resources which hopefully will leave no thought for the reasons why we are stressed out.

‘Bad Habits’ also known as Fidgets

Fidgets are repetitive movements that are brought about by restlessness, stress, anxiety or boredom.  Almost everybody fidgets, but most people are not aware they are doing it.  Examples of these habits are clicking pens, tapping the feet, playing with paper clips, tearing paper sheets, desk tapping, flicking a lighter, popping bubble wrap, doodling, biting nails, moving around, sucking and chewing on pens and pencils, twirling and touching one’s hair, cracking knuckles, touching your face.  These stress-related habits can be embarrassing, annoying to some, and can do harm to our health and even social life.  Depending on the person, some of these habits are breakable with a lot of thought and effort.  There are also many of us who have a hard time outgrowing them and need the help of toys like fidget cubes instead.

What to Look for When Buying a Fidget Cube

First and foremost, a sturdy industrial design is necessary for a fidget cube so it will not break easily with frequent usage.  Choose brands that are known to make toys with high-quality materials.  Especially if you are buying the cube for a child, make certain it is made of plastic that has high quality and adherent to all toy safety standards.  No toxic and skin-friendly, can withstand hits or falls many times over.

Check that all sides of the fidget cube function well.  Toys that are made of low quality usually have a switch, gear and joystick that are difficult to move.  Very important as well that it feels good in your hands.  You would not want a toy that feels too big or too stiff for your liking.  Most important of all, you should always choose a brand that suits your personal preferences.

On texture, some prefer the matte texture of LEDeng products, with almost a velvety feel.  Some like the feel of high-quality smooth plastic made by Fidget Dice, Ratoop and KCHKUI.

If you are the type who seems to always drop things, you might want to buy fidget cubes which already come with a case or box.  The case should be able to prevent the toy from thrashing around during shipment.  Some of the brands I browsed that already comes with a case for its reasonable price are KCHKUI, LEDeng and Fidget6.

You might find fidget cubes made of unknown sellers being sold at a very low price.  Quality is usually poor and delivery duration could take longer than 20 days.  Some people complained about their toy purchase with all sides silent.  A good fidget cube should have 3 audible buttons and 2 silent ones.

Gears should be rolling smoothly back and forth, without the need for greasing.  It should also have a click function and rolling or clicking the gear should not make huge sounds.  Dial should not be stuck and should be able to click and turn in any direction.  Make sure buttons do not get jammed as they should replicate the feel of a gaming controller.  In the same way, the joystick should be able to make a 360-degree continuous rotational motion.  The worry stone side should not be very shallow.  You should also be able to find satisfaction in rubbing it.

Some buyers of these best fidget cube toys worry that they will probably lose the toy easily because of its small size.  In this case, look for brands that allow for lanyards or ropes to be attached so you can hang the cube on your neck or somewhere you can easily see it.  This way you will not have to worry about misplacing it every time.  Fidget Dice and Fidget Dodecagons offer this feature.

Other considerations when buying a fidget cube – should have a considerate 24/7 customer service.  In case broken upon delivery, maker or seller should guarantee quick replacement or refund.

On design, I have already seen several makers that sell fidget cubes in a variety of beautiful colors.  My personal favorite is KCHKUI’s very unique starry sky version, which I think make the fidget cube even more magical that it already is.

Overall Impression on Fidget Cubes

Many have already expressed their appreciation for the best fidget cube toys.  Both adults and children will benefit from the use of it.  Even non-fidgeters find satisfaction and entertainment in playing with them.  Whatever one’s reason is for using a fidget cube, be it to relieve stress and anxiety, battle boredom, improve focus, concentration and productivity, or aid with ADHD, ADD and Autism, I believe its most notable contribution is how it’s bringing a positive light to fidgeting.  It proves that with the right tools, fidgeting can be managed and can even have positive effects in our daily lives.

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