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Fidget Toys Spinner – Spintech Omega Tri-Spinner Review

There is honestly no better feeling than that of the feeling you get from spinning a fidget toys spinner, what makes it so extraordinary is that trying to explain the feeling it gives you when you spin one of these toys is very difficult, other than simply saying it is really calming, but I don’t think that does it justice.

The Spintech tri-spinner from Tom’s Fidgets was one of the first toys of this category that I had the pleasure of experiencing, at this time I hadn’t had much experience with any other spinner outside of a friend showing me theirs and trying it myself.

The fidget toys spinner features some very durable material from its injected molded ABS plastic providing quality and performance. This results in a better overall finish to the product reducing seams or obviously visible edges and improved strength. Additionally, this also makes the spinner shatter proof when we compare this to the more commonly found 3D printed fidget spinners.

At the core of the spinner, we seem to have what looks to be a high-performance hybrid ceramic bearing. From a few spins thus far, this bearing looks to provide us with up to 3 minutes of spinning time which is in the ballpark of average for most spinners.

In comparison to the outer bearings, the core looks to also be on the smaller size, this is likely due to the reduced weight of the core versus the outermost bearings which is normal.

Spintech Omega Fidget Toy

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Spintech Omega Tri-Spinner Fidget Toys Spinner Review


Perfect fidget toys spinner for anyone.

The three outermost bearings or counterweights have a height weight than that of the core bearing, this increased outside weight provides that spinner with the additional inertia needed for the long spin times.

Once you get the spinner spinning, turns out that it’s actually surprisingly quiet and this was one of the initial things I noticed when I first spun the fidget toy, so supposedly you could take this out to coffee shops, school, wherever you want and pretty much not cause any disturbances. Well, other than people saying how intrigued they are by the fidget toy!

Overall I really like this fidget toys spinner, the color is nice and simple; nothing too fancy which I prefer and the build quality proves to be of a high standard. This means I should be able to get a good amount of use out of the toys life span, which is important to many people including myself.

You can find more reviews or even our different fidgets toys comparison here, maybe you’ll discover a new toy that you’ve never seen before, so stop by and check it out!

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