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Holisouse Fidget Toys Spinner Tri-Spinner Hand Review

My best friend has been a fidgeter and used a fidget toys spinner even longer than the time I have known her.  I met her in high school and my first impression of her was that she has busy hands.

You would not see her not writing, not twirling her hair, not tracing the shape of a screw in her chair or not playing with any item over her desk.  She’s never not doing anything with her hands.  When we became partners for an English activity, I asked her very politely about it.

It helps her focus, was what she simply told me.  I became fascinated about this peculiarity about her that I found myself carefully observing what and why she fidgets.

I then began noticing how some other people are the same way.  People who fidget just do it differently – some people bite their nails, some click on their pens non-stop, some would tap their fingers on their desk.  I have also observed that fidgeters become restless for different reasons, but most often it is because they are bored or nervous.

In the case of Kim, my best friend, she gets exceptionally fidgety when she is under tremendous stress from work.  She told me there’s no way she could stop these habits, but she is constantly finding ways on how to keep them at bay.  Stress at work is inevitable; she knew better than to quit working.


Holisouse Tri-Spinner Fidget Hand Spinner Toy

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As she is very fond of The Beatles, she told me through a song, how she copes in her workplace: I get by with a LOT of help from my toys.  And then she showed me a pouch that could be mistaken for a makeup kit, full of her collection she fondly calls her ‘fidget friends’.  Such a dork, she is.  Kim showed me how she uses each one of her fidget friends.  She has a toy she uses for when she is in quiet places such as bookstores and cafes.  There’s another she uses when she is in transit.  It’s so small it fits the middle of her little hands perfectly.

What she is most conscious about is attracting the attention of people who do not understand the need to constantly do something with her hands.  She is an all-around amazing person and the least I can do for her is to help find the perfect fidget toy which will keep her mind off the stress and her hands busy all the time, without being a distraction to the people around her.  Last month, I saw this kid at the airport lounge playing with a fidget toy I had not seen Kim use ever.  The kid’s mother was kind enough to tell me where she ordered it from.  Her son was diagnosed with ADHD and the use of a fidget toys spinner was recommended by their pediatrician.  Like Kim, her son tried several toys already.  The one he was playing with then called the Tri-Spinner Fidget Hand Spinner Toy was his current favorite.  She said the spinner keeps his kid sitting still for at least thirty minutes and that is a novelty.  The toys are especially handy when they fly.  She said it was the first time they will be trying the tri-spinner up in the air and she hopes to high heavens it calms his darling son.

I proceeded to order a Holisouse fidget toys spinner.

That same day, I placed an order for the tri-spinner gadget online.  The mom said it was a tad pricey compared to the toys her son already tried but definitely has better quality.  I did notice from the site that the materials were of better quality than what I could recall of Kim’s toys.  I did not inform her that I was buying the tri-spinner.  If it turns out to be a lot pricier than the ones she usually gets, I will just demand she buys me an expensive lunch.

Holisouse spinner fidget toy

The gadget was delivered to my house 9 days after I placed the order.  I felt no affinity to the fidget toy so I could not tell yet whether it was a special one.  I decided I would let Kim decide about it.  What I did notice was how portable it is.

It fits right in the pockets, perfect to use on the go.

It is small and lightweight, and definitely satisfies Kim’s main criteria – she can use it discreetly.  That much I could tell by simply holding it in my hand.  I also tried spinning it on the floor.

I strike it continuously to make it spin longer, just how the kid in the airport did it.  The toy spun for two and a half minutes.  Might be longer depends on how consistent the striking is. I had to admit that watching it spin is a bit hypnotic and made me sleepy.

Major point on how it did not emit any noise. Not certain if the tri-spinners come in other colors but color black would suit someone like Kim who uses it frequently. It’s kind of prone to dust especially if you prefer spinning it on the floor or over the table.  It does not look like it is difficult to clean and maintain anyways.

Here goes Kim’s more credible review of the toy after trying it for the first time.  Her first impression was that it felt great in her hands.  It was the first time she used a fidget spinner and I could tell she was excited about how it works.  As the site claimed, the gadget is made of ABS plastic which is a sturdier material than the ones with ceramic bearing and it does not look like it breaks easily.  She also appreciates that all four bearings are removable for future upgrades, modification and customization.  And the most important thing, she enjoys spinning it so much.  In the few weeks that she’s been using it, it took her mind off the stress, grants her hands the activities they long for and improves her level of concentration.  Watching it also has the same hypnotic effect on her.  She’s wondering how the kid I saw at the airport fared during their flight.  She hoped he also found a friend with the spinner toy, just like she did.

Kim also said the toy was indeed a little expensive but definitely worth the few extra bucks I paid for.  Proof that she is so happy about it – she’s treating me Japanese for lunch this coming weekend.  Wooot!



  • Compact
  • High Quality


  • Pricier than others
  • Prone to dust

The best gifts do come in little boxes.  In my case, hastily wrapped ones.

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