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Giggle Hands Fidget Spinner Toy Stress Reducer Review

I couldn’t be any more satisfied with this new fidget spinner toy.  I have been searching for the perfect fidget toy for a long time now.  The first ones I bought were either too heavy, too noisy or too boring for my liking that it only took just a few days before my very restless hands tired of them.  I have quite a few now which I use alternately, hoping that I will rediscover the satisfaction I felt when I first held each one of them.

I find the act of spinning the toy comparable to playing the piano

I honestly did not have many expectations on this fidget spinner which came at an affordable price that didnt break the bank.  I thought it would be just an addition to my growing collection.  It was not love at first hold, I tell you, my fidgety fellas.  But more of a slow attraction.  Just like the toys I first tried, the spinner gave me the calm that my restless fingers demand.

What I was so pleasantly surprised about is how I also found delight on watching it spin for minutes on end.  To watch it go round and round does a lot of wonders on my level of concentration.  The fidget spinner toy is built with Core 608 Hybrid Ceramic Bearings which I believe makes the toy spin almost noiselessly and longer than spinners with the usual bearings.  This is a huge thing for me since most fidget toys attract attention with the noise they make.

Giggle Hands Fidget Toy

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I hate it when this happens and people would stare at you with obvious annoyance in their eyes.  While it brings fidgety people like me relief and comfort, it is, unfortunately, a distraction to some people.  The ceramic bearings is really an awesome modification to this toy.  It is very safe to bring out in quiet places like libraries, coffee shops, classrooms, meetings or probably even during awkward dining situations.  Just the other day, I went with my boss for a meeting with one of our clients which went on for almost three hours.  I am really not too fond of meetings, especially the ones that go on for grueling hours.  I was so grateful I slipped this fidget spinner into my handbag.  I probably would not last that meeting if I did not have it to fidget with.  It got me through the too-technical discussion then the labyrinthine negotiations, without the client or my boss noticing what I’m fiddling with under our table.  Not anymore will you draw attention (and many questions) to your fidgeting, but maybe just curiosity for those who will do notice the new Fidget Spinner Toy.  It is apparently a great conversation starter!  Rather than using just about anything within reach to fidget with, this easy-to-carry toy is anything but a bother as it’s so small and lightweight at only 2.1 ounces.

Whether you are someone who have a restless mind or very fussy hands, someone trying so hard to quit smoking and other very unattractive mannerisms such as nail biting, tapping of feet and leg shaking, or simply trying to stay awake, and/or other forms of fidgeting, the spinner will be a very welcome help.  For us fidgeters, it is a constant battle to keep our hands busy and our attention wandering off somewhere.  There is always this strong urge to do something with our hands most especially when we are nervous or bored.  We’re fortunate if people understand why we are so restless but most of the time, people see fidgety people as annoying and distracting.  For the fidgety people, stress and anxiety doubles up at this point.  If they only knew how badly we want ourselves to stop fidgeting and act ‘normal’.  Embarrassing true story, I was once sent out of the library for being disruptive as I endlessly clicked on a pen while reviewing for Trig.

I hope the spinner will help you as much as it is helping me.  I find the act of spinning the toy comparable to playing the piano.  It’s like playing a few keys that result to a simple but calming melody.  I am sure that I am the only one who can hear this beautiful melody no matter how hard I tap the piano keys (in reality, how hard I spin the fidget toy).  It surely helped control my movements.  But I can also honestly say that the Fidget Spinner Toy has been a great help in improving my focus.  With one or two hands, I can keep it spinning for hours without distracting the people around me.  It is comfortable to hold and designed for long-term usage.

I read some reviews about caps coming off easily.  Fortunately, that is not the case for me.  It happened only once after I cleaned it and failed to put the caps back in its rightful order.  A clumsy friend of mine also dropped the spinner accidentally and I was so happy to find out that it does not break easily.  Speaking of cleaning and maintenance, there is no hassle at all.  You do not have to worry about oil stains because there is no need for such.  It also has very simple materials, nothing a tidy towel could not clean simply by wiping.

I think the spinner will be exceptionally suitable for kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Autism.  It has been said that fidget toys for kids with ADHD, ADD or Autism help them focus on whatever tasks they are given.  It would wonderfully appeal to their sense of touch – by spinning – and sense of sight – by watching it spin.  In this way, it will hopefully keep them busy and help them develop their focus and attention, instead of being bored so quickly.  Also, I figured moms would not want fidget toys that could distract everyone in the classroom so this toy’s discretion is a major plus point.  I heard of moms speaking how fidget toys helped enhance their kids’ learning ability and productivity.  Yes, not only was it useful to control movement, introduction of fidgets to kids have positive effects on their classroom performance.

If this fidget spinner toy works perfectly for an adult like me, I can’t see why it cannot do the same for kids with special needs.  It is fun and easy to play with both hands or even with just one.  The gadget comes in a number of bright colors such as blue, green, pink and red which kids will certainly find attractive.

As a sweet bonus, I got my fidget spinner toy seven days after I ordered it from the website.

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