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Best Fidget Dice for Anxiety and Depression Review

My beautiful nine-year old daughter does not ask me for many things. She has been more fascinated with the sun and the sky more than dolls. Trips to the parks, museums, and libraries are more fun to her than the toys our family and friends have given her as gifts. So you can imagine my surprise when she asked me to buy her a Fidget Cube. Before she asked me, I have never heard of this best best fidget dice and basing solely on the name, I wondered why she has suddenly felt a need for one. Being a full-time housewife, I spend so much of my waking hours with her, observing her from a safe distance, so I know she is not a fidgeter. I asked her how she came to know about the product and she told me she saw it from one of the girls in her art class.

The girl she fondly calls Leia saw my daughter, the ever curious girl that she is, staring at the toy she kept fiddling on in her hands. During recess, Meg approached Leia who, according to her, was sitting alone in the cafeteria at that time, to ask her what the toy in her hand was. Leia told Meg that her mom got her the toy as suggested by her mom’s best friend. She said it helps her concentrate in school. Leia then let Meg try the toy, much to her delight. And that’s how she learned about Fidget Cubes and the best fidget dice. “It has so many fun sides which are a little hard to explain, mom! I want one please!”

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Best Fidget Dice Anti-Anxiety and Depression Cube for Children and Adults

Like every vigilant mom who wants only good toys for their children, I turned to Google and decided to learn everything I could about Fidget Cubes. I found out that the toy was made primarily for adults in the workplace. It helps them relieve stress and anxiety, aids with their focus and concentration, thus helping improve their productivity and job performance. Schools for children with special needs have also been using it to help with widening kids’ imagination and creativity.

I had the honor of meeting Leia’s mom when I fetched Meg several weeks ago. She invited me and Meg for ice cream after art class. While the girls were busy building Leia’s 500-piece puzzle, we got to talk about our children. She told me that Leia was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) when she was three. She said her girl seemed to have the energy of two boys combined even at a very young age.

Restlessness is common on kids but Leia’s was 10 times more restless than any other kid her age. There was no toy that could keep her sitting still for more than a minute. She was always bored so easily and was moving constantly. She said if there was one thing that Leia had always been captivated with, it was colors. All dresses she bought for her little girl since then was vibrant and lively. She painted her room with rainbows and unicorns and lots of colorful flowers and enrolled her in every art class where she could create more colors. I felt a warm fuzzy feeling when Leia’s mom told me about the day Leia came home so excited from art class because a ‘lovely little lady’ sat with her during break time and talked to her about colors, swimming, and stars. She said Leia does not have a lot of friends because they usually cannot keep up with her energy and kids always remark about her moving endlessly. Ever since that day, she said, Leia has been more excited to attend art class because she made a real friend. My Meghan’s my own sunshine. I was so delighted to hear someone talking about her so nicely.

Leia’s mom also told me that the fidget cube was a suggestion by her best friend who is also Leia’s pediatrician. For years, they had tried different fidget toys for kids like stress balls, squigglies, skin pickers, all in bold bright colors. The fidget cube I saw Leia play with has six sides. According to my research, each side has a different mechanism – Gear, Switch, Dial, Joystick, Buttons and Worry Stone. The gear can be used for rolling back and forth, the switch for flicking for the joy of it, the dial for spinning, the joystick which allows for 360-degree rotational movements, buttons for audible or silent clicking – whichever is preferred, and worry stone which is used for relaxation and anxiety relief.
I also saw on the web that Fidget Dice makes a 12-sided fidget toy. In addition to the gear, switch, dial, joystick, buttons and worry stone, it has six more features which are sure to keep children entertained. It has a side where the Silicone Rope is attached, so you can hang the toy where you can easily spot it if ever you do not feel like pulling on it. There also is a Soft Button which when playing with it feels so much like the classic pen-clicking. The Silicone Ball side is soft and elastic which is perfect for when one feels like pulling or pinching. There is also a soft surface for massaging the fingers which are said to help improve blood circulation. One feature is called the Sliders which you can move back and forth to your heart’s content. The weirdest but cutest side of the fidget cube is the one called Minions. It has cute little faces which you can pinch endlessly.

What fun products they have!

I can’t decide whether to get the one in black green, black yellow, blue camouflage, blue yellow, fire phoenix, cowboy stripe, cheetah pattern, camo green, camo gray, camo candy color, graffiti style, green pink, jade green, leopard, night sky, ocean blue dice, orange yellow, pink camouflage, porcelain pattern dice, rainbow style, red camouflage, rhodo yellow, sea blue, UK flag style, USA flag dice, wooden, wooden stripe, bright yellow and zebra.

I showed my product discovery to Meg and her eyes lit up like a spotlight. I asked her if she wanted the one like Leia has and she said that the dodecagon version seems a lot more fun to play with. I learned from Leia’s mom that Leia’s birthday is coming up. I asked Meg if she thought it a good idea to give it as a present to Leia and she nodded maybe twenty times. We got Leia the Green and Pink Dodecagon while Meg chose the green one for herself. I also secretly ordered for the six sided Sea Blue option which I knew then I would be borrowing from her.

Our orders arrived after two weeks. The Dodecagons look a little smaller than I imagined them to be which I actually appreciated as they will perfectly fit the hands of nine-year-olds. Good thing that there is a little kind of rope attached to one of the sides. I plan to buy the girls matching lanyards so they will not lose the toy. I like that some fo the best fidget dice offers a no-risk guarantee and a 24/7 customer service. I guess if we did not like the dodecagon in its actual form, we could have requested to have it replaced by another six-sided cube. You would think Christmas came early when she took out her Green Fidget Dice toy from the box. The color of the toy was as vibrant in the photo as the actual figure, Leia’s was even more colorful. Since we got it three weeks ago, Meg has not left the house without it. When she is not fiddling with it, she uses the toy as a keychain. During commute to and from school, she fiddles with the toy as she looks out the car window and tells me about whatever’s in her mind, as her usual practice. She told me that she find her math exams easier when she is pinching the Minions side or rolling the Dial. I thought maybe she could just have picked it up from Leia but she showed me the exam results just the other day, and her score was higher than ever.

Leia’s birthday celebration happened two weekends ago and her reaction upon opening the box was even more precious than Meg’s. She may have screamed a little in glee and immediately rotated all sides to try all mechanisms. Leia’s mom thanked us profusely for the gift. I said I was just so glad that Meg and Leia became friends. When I look at them together, I feel like they bring out the best and the jolliest in each other.


  • More featured and most
  • Cute and child friendly


  • Might not fit in pocket too well

I am grateful for products like the fidget cubes. I am personally very happy with our purchases but I am most appreciative of how happy we made Leia and her mom with our gift. Meg also thanked me several times for buying her the toy. I was told I’m the greatest mom ever when I said I would do anything for my darling daughter.

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