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AMILIFE Fidget Toy Anxiety Releif Spinner Review

I have been a fidgeter and user of a fidget toy for as long as I can remember.  I remember when I was about three years old and was just starting to sleep in my own room.  My mom would leave the bedside lamp turned on so I would not be frightened by the dark.

I do not remember being scared of the dark, however.  I remember being so bored just staring at the ceiling with nothing to do but wait for sleep to finally come envelope me.  This was how I became friends with the bedside lamp switch.  Flick, flick, flick, yes I sure did!  I had no concept of fidgeting then.  What I only knew was the flickering of the switch brought me comfort enough to lull me to sleep.

I was not bothered by the sound, not even by the light that kept switching on and off.  This went on for years and only stopped when my little brother was big enough to share the room with me.  Naturally the flickering lamp light bothered him.  I then restrained myself from flickering until he had fallen asleep.  It woke him up, the light sleeper that he is!

One time, I even tried slipping the lamp under my bedcover and selected the dim option but it still bothered him.  One night, we fought so loud about it that it woke our parents up.  I explained as best as I could about how I could not sleep without tinkering on with the switch.  I did not make sense to any of them.

AMILIFE EDC Fidget Spinner

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Dad also realized the reason why the lamp bulb needed to be replaced every other month.  My parents thought that the bedside lamp was better off to be sold at a family friend’s garage sale the following weekend.  They thought I was just too chicken to admit I was afraid of the dark, so they bought me glow in the dark stickers instead and stuck them in the ceiling on my side of the room.  Sigh.  From then on, I made do with anything I could sneak under the bed covers – a nail cutter, a pen, a finger skateboard.

Get it, it’s as gold as its color.

His trip down memory lane was brought about by this fidget spinner toy I am now watching spin over my dining table.  Spinning and watching it go round and round gives me the same satisfaction as my old bedside lamp.  My workmates and I had a White Elephant Exchange Gift last December.  We all agreed to bring a gift worth not more than $5.  I was so lucky to be the first person to get a gift from the entire bunch.  I got the little box hastily wrapped in a blue paper.  To be honest, I did not realize what it was when I opened the box.  The one who brought it is our office’s resident clown and we all thought it was one of his tricks.  Fortunately, no other person could make sense of what that thing was so no one attempted to grab the gift from me.  When I approached the office clown to thank him for what I got, he told me what it was for and how he uses it.  Turns out I wasn’t the only fidgeter in the group.

I absolutely love how the fidget toy is so easy to use.

You can spin it in one hand and use your other hand to spin it at speed.  You can nudge it lightly and continuously to make it go endlessly.  As I am already using it for several months now, I can use just one hand to make it spin.  Sometimes I use it while driving with my left hand on the wheel and the other holding the gadget.  It helps me get through with the crazy traffic jam!  I find it especially useful during long budget meetings when boredom strikes so hard and bad.  I always need something to do with my hands on times like these.   It sustains my focus and allows me to stay fully engaged with the discussions.

The toy’s center has ceramic bearings which is probably the reason why it does not have the squeaking or ticking sound that other fidget toys have.  It did become a bit noisy after a few weeks of using it.  I just applied some all-purpose lubricant and it was back to its usual noiseless self.

I asked my colleague how he got hold of this spinner fidget toy.  He did not want to tell me at first because he didn’t like for me to know how much he got it for.  I had to bug him for days before he told me he got it from Amazon.  For himself.  It was actually just a spare spinner toy he had.  And he just grabbed it from his house, requested one of our interns to wrap it thirty minutes before we had our exchanged gift.  Found out he got it only for $3.90.  He told me that was the reason why he gave me three packs of M&Ms the following day.  He told me then they were Christmas treats for my five-year old kid.  What a gagster!  Seriously though, it does not look like it costs a few cents shy of four dollars as it’s made of high-quality materials.

I have been using the fidget Spinner Toy for almost four months now and it still spins smoothly for about three minutes each time.  Just make sure to apply a bit of hand lotion after playing with it.  That’s if you spin as often as I do.  I got myself some kind of blister in my right point finger from rubbing on the metal too often.  No biggie, really.  It’s not very frequent that I get to find the perfect fidget toy.

I found out this toy is perfect for kids with ADHD or ADD too!  I did some reading and it says fidget toys like this spinner could help improve their focus and attention and to some extent, develop their creativity and imagination.  The fidgeting satisfies the brain’s need for stimulation.  The gadget is good for them as it will help them concentrate without causing distraction to others in the classroom.

I ask my daughter to play with it whenever she insists on playing on my computer while I’m finishing some work at home.  I’m so happy to say that it helps distract her from distracting me.  And I noticed how determined she could be with keeping it spinning for minutes.  She does not have ADHD, nor is she a fidgeter like me.  She can be quite competitive like her mom though.  I hope my wife does not find out about me saying this.  Even if it’s made of aluminum, it is light and safe for use of the little ones.  Just make sure to clean the toy with a towel before handing it to them as it accumulates dirt quickly.

Like my fidgety clown of an officemate, I ordered online for a spare spinner toy.  The original one is still working perfectly, I just feel comforted having an extra.  It was delivered at home no more than two weeks after I placed my order.  Get it, it’s as gold as its color.


  • Smooth Spin
  • Easy Maintenance


  • Squeaky out of box
  • Comfort Issue?

The best gifts do come in little boxes.  In my case, hastily wrapped ones.

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