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Hello, my name is Lewis and I created this blog to share my  reviews, experiences and thoughts on the world of fidget’s and their toys, some people will hear the word and think “oh those are the fidget toys for children right?” but there is so much more to it than that. From an early age I myself have had a fidget, to begin with as you can imagine I would be told to shop being a nuisance which is to be expected but as time went on, I learned more about my problem and infact have been able to better educated other about it in turn.

I mostly control my fidget when it’s bad with the aid of fidget tools. Our son also has the same issue which is controlled in the same way, I figured I or we have seen a wide spectrum of tools and learned a good amount of information It made sense to share this with the world in turn hopefully shedding some light on it and anything relevant and related.

There are so many different types of fidget toys that have a range of different uses and way’s that they can benefit people, further more getting into the how’s and whys of fidgeting is a whole other discussion in of itself, which is no less interesting that the tools associated with the subject. I feel light the secret to finding the perfect tool for you is to try different types and determine what works for you; what stimulates your senses and this can only be figured out with time and patience. Once you find the right fit for you, you’ll certainly know it.

Along the way if I can provide a comprehensive place to explain the differences on a personal level, share our experiences with the different tools we have tried, then hopefully that will be useful in helping you to find whets right for you, while providing you with a place to discover and learn more about yourself and wellbeing though sensory and motor simulation.

This is what my website is all about, helping you and providing the information you might need, enjoy your stay and I hope I am able to help you find what you need here.