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Cheap Fidget Toys for Adults and Children

Hello there and welcome to our cheap fidget toys website, we’re stoked that you’ve decided to stop by and check us out and hopefully we can shed some light on some of the best fidget toys we’ve enjoyed. At the same time also provide information on the different toys & in turn this should be able to help you make an informed decision on which you’ll decide to pick up.

Personally I have found that having a desk toy like the fidget cube around during work hours helps me greatly when problem-solving, I am able to completely focus on the issues and block out outside distractions (of course I have to put it down once I start typing to work on the issue.) to get them done quickly without delays.

If our journey into this amazing phenomenon has taught us anything it’s that no matter how much we are told one thing, there is always more to it than at a first glance.

Not to mention you clearly get what you pay for, similarly as the old idiom goes ‘if you pay peanuts you get monkeys’ but make no mistake, that just because something is more expensive this doesn’t make it necessarily better; in turn if you’re looking at cheap fidget toys that doesn’t mean they are of bad quality either.

Fidget Dice II

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Some of Our Favorite Cheap Fidget Toys

ImageBrandSides / SizeFeaturesLinkReview
Fidget Dice II12 SidesMaterial: Plastic
Sliders, Buttons, Balls,
Joystick, Rollers
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Giggle Hands3.1 x 0.3 inchesMaterial: Plastic
Counter Weight's: 3
Center Bearing: Hybrid Ceramic
Estimated Spin Time: Undefined
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AMILIFE2.7 x 1.1 x 0.4 inchesMaterial: Aluminium
Counter Weight’s: 2
Center Bearing: Ceramic
Estimated Spin Time: +- 3 Minutes
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Holisouse3.9 x 0.8 inchesMaterial: ABS Plastic
Counter Weight’s: 3
Center Bearing: Ceramic
Estimated Spin Time: +- 3 Minutes
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What is a fidget toy?

Initially designed to help self-regulation to enable focus, calming and attention span improvement, a fidget toy comes in all shapes, sizes and features from the traditional stress ball to the simple rubber band.

Traditionally these sort of toys are able to provide someone that usually has difficulties with focusing solely on one task, an outlet to occupy themselves via motor or sensory stimulations.

The benefit of this is that it actually helps develop motor skills, awareness and concentration to name a few benefits, these cheap fidget toys also help encourage focus and provides a way to de-stress individuals.

These days a cheap fidget toy has proven to be beneficial to other’s outside of the norm which we will elaborate on further below.

Before you make any descisions be sure to review our fidget toy comparison chart of various fidget toys where to compare cubes, spinners and other toys.

Why do we fidget?

I’ve done it, you’ve done it let’s be honest we all do it at some time or other. However until very recently no research had been done to determine just exactly how does fidgeting impact our lives?

Whenever I think about the matter of not being able to stay focused on one thing at a time for too long, I often tend to think about how ‘cavemen/cavewomen’ (if you will) logically would likely often be doing more than one thing at a time.

After all you don’t really want to devote all of your attention to cooking a delicious pot of dodo bird stew while its likely prey could be watching you waiting to strike, ideally you’d want to be alert and aware of your surroundings as much as possible.

Clicking pens, chewing pencil ends, fiddling with rubber bands and playing with magnets, most would think these mindless trivial acts to be undesirable, if you’re young you are told its immature, if you’re an adult its seen as unprofessional.

It’s also well known that fidgeting is commonly seen as a coping mechanism for people that have ‘ADD’.

However regardless of what they say, this stigma around fidgeting could actually detrimental as fidgeting has been found to be beneficial and can in fact help you concentrate on the task you’re currently focused on.

If the task you are currently engaged in is not interesting enough to completely occupy your focus then the addition of some sort of sensory and/or motor input allows you to be fully engaged and in turn fully focus on the initial task at hand.

In this post I draw up a best cheap fidget toys comparison chart comprised of different types that are well made which haven’t compromised on quality.

How fidgeting benefits us

Researchers have found a definite correlation between increased memory, creativity and working with our hands.

Additionally a recent study has shown that writing by hand as opposed to on a keyboard will helps to better process and retain information, and believe it or not, mindless doodling and scribbles can also boost your memory and attention span.

Furthermore a study in 2005 had determined that children that were allowed to fidget in class were able to learn more quickly than their classmates whom were not fidgeting, quoted as saying.

“if teachers encouraged more fidgeting in class they might find children actually learn more.”

Karen Pine

If there is one thing we can be sure of is that we like repetition, for some reason the mind boggling act of clicking something over and over… and over seems to satiate our needs and satisfy our fidget.

Clearly the fact that this act is actually beneficial only further goes to show that there is really no need to stop especially if its helping you and doing good!

Different Types of Toys

cheap fidget toys
You are probably well aware of the array of choice that is available to you when we talk about the subject of a cheap fidget toy, two of our favourites summarized as examples below.

The fidget cube which is possibility one of the best funded projects on kickstarter is a small six sided cube with a host of different clickers, spinners, flickers rollers and even spinners to satisfy your fidgeting needs.

One of the well known cheap fidget toys, the hand spinner which uses bearings that allow you to spin the toy with a very stratifying feeling that’s difficult to explain.

Not to mention there are a wide array of styles readily available for all kinds of cheap fidget toys, for example the fidget cube has a host of colour options from black, graphite, aqua, sunset and retro to name just a few, so there is certainly no shortage of styles available to suit your needs.

Check out our fidget toy reviews

Knowing what’s good or worth your time, or even figuring out what you should go with is sometimes a daunting task when you first decided to take the dive and start looking into the different options available.

Having tried a wide range of different cheap fidget toys over the years and also continuing to explore the new waves of devices that are appearing such as the well known and received fidget cube, this enabled me to have a valuable resource and wealth of information allowing me to explain and elaborate of these toys.

If you’re not sure where to make a start, why not begin by checking out our fidget toy spinner review. We go over the build quality, explain how the toy works and give our initial impressions of the spinner.

Take a stroll over to our fidget toys spinner review where we attempt to review the toy and give our take and experience on the device.

Limit your budget or go for quality?

The good thing about many brands and their toys is that many of them are actually at a good price range and further more there are many gems that you can find which are high quality and just as well made as some of the high priced versions but yet they are at a lower price which is a huge bonus for you.

With that said you’ll find that sometimes you don’t really need to worry about a budget buy, this is because you’ll be hard pressed to find toys that aren’t of a high quality at a reasonable price that doesn’t break the bank.

Knowing what toy will suit you

Naturally there is really no way to know whether or not one toy versus another is going to be perfect for you from a first glance, this is why you need to go over its details. This may seem excessive, but at the end of the day its you’re hard earned money you are spending, it certainly doesn’t hurt to be doubly sure before making decisions.

Find out what it is made of, whether the build quality going to allow it to last a good while, is it 3d printed? research what material it’s made out of to see how the said material holds up after a long period of usage, traditionally early 3d printed materials would be rather fragile as far as prolonged use goes, making it less than ideal. Does it have the features you are looking for, if it’s a cube, does it have clickers, flickers or rollers, are there any that you don’t actually like the feel of like a rubbing stone for example.

Think about the practical ways or situations in which you’ll likely be using it, do you want to be able to use it with both hands, or one hand so that you can do something else at the same time.

Are there brands you’ve seen or heard of that you’d prefer to stay away from for whatever reason, or maybe someone has recommended you look into a certain brand that they have had good experience with?

Is the size suitable for how, when and where you’d expect to be using it, does it fit snug into your pocket? Also remember to read the reviews we provides and additionally read through the reviews on the products page and see what other customers are saying about the product, are they happy with it?

Again sometimes it’s simply trial and error, you’ve got to give one a chance at some point, should it not really suit your needs, just move on to something else until you’ve found one you’re comfortable with that does the job.

The best feeling in the world

Maybe a little bit of a stretch buts its up there, during our testing of different cheap fidget toys we have clearly found our favourites.

Some of us really dig the three bearing spinners and some of us much prefer the diversity of the fidget cubes available.


cheap fidget toys

T-Tek Product Cube Relieves Stress

So I might be personally biased towards this, that may be so but there is no denying that having six or more different options from clickers, flicker and rollers to name a few.

Not to mention the added ability to do any of this with one hand is a huge plus. Remember we don’t want to solely devote our attention, just enough to be able to occupy ourselves while doing another task.

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The Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner

So while this doesn’t have the diversity of the cube, what it does have is an almost infinite spinning capability, in addition when you spin this and then begin to tilt your hand from side to side with it spinning, the feeling is just so satisfying. I really do not known how to convey this in words, all I can say is once you experience it, you’ll know ‘exactly’ what I mean!

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To brand or not to brand?

Clearly the well known brands products are made to seriously high quality and standard, however this doesn’t excuse the fact that you can find a similar device for a fraction of the price which performs just as well and holds up after many uses.

I suppose it comes down to if you want to morally support the lead brands versus the copycat sellers and this also comes down to your budget but personally.

I see nothing wrong with buying either, I like a good deal just as much as the next guy, so be sure to shop around, compare and don’t take anything on first glance!

Thanks for clicking, rolling and maybe even sliding on by I hope we have shed some light of these cheap fidget toys and been able to inform you somewhat of their benefits and also that you are able to find your perfect toy!